Get the Children in Touch with Nature

Spark your children's interest in wild bird care with fun and exciting ways!

"Today, one of the biggest impacts that we are seeing on children who don't get outside and connect with nature is that they are having a sedentary experience and spending large portions of their time isolated in front of a screen. Getting out in nature provides lots of opportunities to feel connected with their environment but also to play, which is an essential component to children feeling happy and healthy." - Emma Kenny, psychologist and television presenter

Learning doesn't have to be boring! There is so much that we can enjoy, teach and learn right here on our doorsteps. Children are instinctively curious, and birds have so much information to learn about - the names of them, the different colours and shapes.

If you are wanting to entice more birds into your garden, help them by giving them a home and providing a new learning experience for the children, at Yorkshire Trading we have a lot of Wild Bird Care items to choose from!

bottle top feeder kit
Create Your Own Bottle Top Feeder Kit
A personal favourite - create your own feeder with an empty plastic bottle! Not only does it encourage wild bird care, but encourage recycling too and what a positive impact it has on nature. They can decorate the bottles to how they wish too! Excellent value at only £1
paint your own bird nest box for children
Paint Your Own Nest Box
Although currently, we are nearing the end of hatching season, that's not to say some birds may still lay eggs or wish for somewhere to rest. These are a perfect encouragement tool to discuss habitats and facts about birds and fun to decorate to how they wish! £3.99
sunflower seed feeder
Sunflower Fun Feeder
Bright and colourful and easy to fill these sunflower feeders are a real attractive addition to any garden and provide you a wonderful experience watching a wide range of birds including Tits, Finches, Nuthatches, Siskins, Woodpeckers feeding. £2.99
wild bird window seed feeder
Window Seed Feeder
Perfect for rainy days! Easily attachable to the window outside, enjoy a unique way to watch birds feed from the comfort of your home! Great for kids when they weather is miserable or its early morning to still be able to watch the birds and see them at a close up distance without disturbing the birds! £1.99

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