Dye It With Dylon

Listen, we’re not saying Dylon wears a red cape, but your washing machine is about to save your wardrobe. So if you’re tired of looking through your wardrobe and saying the age old thing of ‘that can go’ and throwing things away just because it has faded slightly or you haven’t worn it in a while - WELL NO MORE! No more wasting money by throwing things out and no more monthly shopping sprees because let’s face it, we never, ever find what we’re looking for.

So, if your favourite pair of skinny jeans are ready to burst out your wardrobe, your denim shorts are waiting to make an appearance for the summer, the little not-so-black cocktail dress is ready for its next night out or your shirt is in need of an injection of colour then look no further.

All it takes to breathe new life and energy into your apparel, is DYLON fabric dye. After all, all our clothing and fabrics needs a little TLC…

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