Get Your Mink On

Just like everyone else, we are addicted to watching Mrs Hinch on Instagram. I mean, who isn’t?

Whether you're washing up the dishes, wiping down worktops or having a big spring clean, the now hugely famous Minky M Cloth is going to be your new best friend. These dual sided, powerful microfibre cleaning pads were brought to the forefront of home cleaning when the ‘cleanfluencer’ Mrs Hinch herself gave the little cleaning companion her coveted seal of approval.

So, if you find yourself sat there resisting any sort of housework, go grab yourself a M cloth, you’ll be hooked!

A few benefits from the M Cloth…

  1. The scrubbing side is ideal for quickly removing burnt on stains and marks whilst the microfibre side simply lifts away grease and grime.
  2. Each pad is treated with a long-lasting anti-bacterial protection preventing the growth of bacteria.
  3. The outstanding performance and extra cleaning power you get from the M Cloth will save you time, giving you perfect results every time.
  4. One we will all love…. It saves you money! Having an M Cloth means no more needing to purchase expensive chemicals and in turn, having a safer environment.

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