Painting on a Budget!

Let be honest, it’s all happened to us at one time or another, you get home from a stressful week at work to find your partner looking at your living room walls in disgust. “We need to paint this room”, the immortal words that send fear and shivers down each of our spines, and it’s the getting close to the end of the month so we’re all skint as well. Nightmare!

But don’t worry, here at Yorkshire Trading we can supply you with everything you need to get the job done for less than £30! I know what you’re saying, and No, we haven’t gone insane, and No we’re not lying, we’ve put together a solid list of everything you need to add a fresh look to your room with little hassle, but maximum effort!

Dulux Travels in Colour - £14.99

Firstly, we’re looking at your colours. This time of year, we’re looking for something fresh and clean, whilst also nothing too sharp on your eyes. Dulux have created the perfect range for you and we’ve got them at a very reasonable price too. These heart-warming shades will help to remind you of long walks in the Great British Countryside to help promote a calm, relaxing atmosphere in your room!

Taskmaster Roller Set – £2.99

So, we’ve got our colour sorted, now the arduous task of getting into onto your walls, and here at YTC we want to make this task as easy as possible, so we’ve got the Taskmaster 9” Roller Set that comes with not one, not three but TWO sleeves. The smooth running of these rollers make filling your walls with your new colour a walk in the park, getting this job done faster than ever.

Paint Brush Set – £2.99

The roller is the perfect interior painting device, but it’s not perfect. When it comes to those tricky edges, corners or getting around sockets, you’re going to need a brush or two. Dekton have put together this excellent collection of 5 different brushes, each a different size so you can be certain to have the right brush to use no matter what nook or cranny, you’re sorted!

Dust Sheet - £1.29

Just take a second to admire your floor, whether it’s carpet, laminate, vinyl or good o’ fashioned wood, you don’t really want you’re new colour dripping all over your floor while you’re trying to get it on your walls. Lynwood has a cheap, effective solution to this, their polythene Dust Sheet. Just lay this sheet over the flooring under where you’re painting to protect your floor from any unhappy accidents.

Masking Tape - £1

It seems like a job that you can probably skip, you’ve got the brush control to be able to go around your light switches, under your coving and around your door frames without getting paint on them. How hard could that be? Trust me, it’s literally impossible, it only takes one lapse in concentration to ruin a perfectly good job. So, don’t take the risk, this roll of Masking Tape helps to go around the areas you want to keep clean from paint so you can paint away without the fear of unwanted splashes on your switches, skirting boards and window frames!

Flexible Filler - £1.99 & Filling Knife - £1.99

You’ve taken down that glorious photo of the dog, when clearing your walls so find a small hole behind it. Then it all comes flooding back, “It’s ok dear, we can hide it behind this picture. Problem Solved!” Problem Returned! But don’t worry this Flexible Filler and Filling Knife make the job of returning your walls to a smooth surface a breeze. It only takes an hour to dry, then you can get painting straight over it without any problems.

Total Price = £29.24

Painting Supplies bought with change to spare, don’t forget that even if you’re not on budget, here at Yorkshire Trading, we’ve got a huge list of everything you could need to help you get your painting work finished to a professional standard!

Job Done!

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