Stop, Shake & Smell the Roses!

Have you ever pulled the kitchen bin bag out only to be greeted with gross bin juice and disgusting rubbish remnants? Ewww! Well now you can say goodbye to unpleasant bin odours with this absorbent, scented bin powder. It’s so easy to use – simply sprinkle into your empty bin or bin bag and it will soak up spills and leave a fresh, clean scent of berry blast or citrus zing! It’s great for indoor food waste and freshening outdoor bins between your collection days.

Bin Buddy is used all over the world. By us, probably by you and by the Hinchers. So, whilst the Bin Buddy gets to work keeping your bins fresh and clean for days, eliminating smells, battling insects and soaking up all the mess, you can sit back, relax and smell the roses - not the contents of your bin!

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