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Welcome. To. The Future!.... Of Gift Wrapping.

Available now, in store and online, Instawrap lick and stick wrapping paper, allowing you to wrap gifts this festive seadon without the need for tricky tape; fun, fast and simple, Instawrap works in three simple steps;

  1. Wrap It: Cut your wrap to size and nestle your gift inside, the old fashioned way.
  2. Lick It: Moisten a small estion of the paper, on either side.
  3. Stick It! Seal the two overlapping areas together firmly for a few seconds, using the moist section to bond.

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  • Oooh why has no-one thought of this before.The hours spent cursing because the parcel wouldn`t stay till you got the tape and then it stuck anywhere but where you wanted it to.Go for you Yorkshire Trading …

    Mrs S Howarth

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