Types of Camping

Getting back to nature and spending a night or 7 in the great outdoors is great fun! We're sure you know, but there are a few different types of camping you should be aware of as they all come with their own rules you should be aware before pitching that tent.

Campsite camping

This is the most popular form of camping for beginners and experienced campers alike. Campsite camping usually means you are paying for a pitch on organised campsite land. When it comes to campsites, there are also 2 different types;

  • Impromptu area, these are designated pieces of land for a spontaneous stop when hiking, backpacking or just out and about
  • Campsite resort, this kind of campsite has is more built up with facilities, including shower block and toilets. Usually this type of campsite needs to be booked in advance

It is always best to check the rules of the campsite before you book as some campsites can be strict about the size and type of tents/ ground-sheets you are using.

Most campsites will have a hook up for electricity so in the wilderness you can still have those home comforts. Disclaimer though, this may be an extra charge.

Some campsites even have a play park or entertainment club house with fun for adults and children, making it perfect for the whole family

Wild Camping

Wild camping is all about going back to basics. Everything you need, would fit into a rucksack and carried with you whilst you are out exploring. Once you are feeling wary, simply set up camp and renew.

Wild camping is actually only legal in Scotland and parts of Dartmoor National Park so if you are planning on wild camping somewhere else, you will, by law, need get the landowners permission.

Before heading out, it is always best to do plenty of research, so you can sleep easy when wild camping.

In order to protect the beautiful wildlife and keep nature areas safe and stunning, please do not leave rubbish behind, when it comes to any form of camping, but most importantly in wild camping.


Camping sound a little too extreme for you?

Glamping is perfect for those who are wanting a add a bit of luxury to camping.

Tepee, yurt, shepherds hut or a pre-pitched tent, glamping comes in all different types, just think camping but with more glamour (and amenities).

With glamping, you tend not to need as much of your own equipment as other types of camping as they are often included but you would need to check when you are booking as each place will be different.

Camping Essentials

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