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Selby Store

Yorkshire Trading in Selby

YTC Selby
34 Gowthorpe
North Yorkshire
01757 428084

Manager:Janice Marshall

Assistant Manager:Vacant


I love being a part of a family business that is rapidly growing. I have a great team behind me and I embrace the Selby community spirit fully! - Janice Marshall


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You can find us down Gowthorpe across from Clarks Shoes. Our 6,500 square foot store is staffed by 12 hardworking, caring individuals. We have a great Haberdashery section, a wide range of plastic storage and all you need to work on your Garden.

Meet the Team:

We have a brilliant team full of life and enthusiasm. Everyone gets along very well, which makes it a great environment to work and a welcoming environment for our customers.

Janice, the manager, is in her fifth year at the store and is always passionate about her work here.

Luke is an expert key cutter. He loves the fact that no day is the same.


Joan is still in her first year at YTC. She has co-responsibility for the haberdashery department. She has in excess of 20 years experience in soft furnishings and thus makes a great asset for the team.

Serena has been with YTC for just over 2 years now. She is responsible for haberdashery. She loves learning something new every day from her chats with customers, and she likes a good bit of banter.


Opening Hours:

Mon 8:30 - 17:30
Tue 8:30 - 17:30
Wed 8:30 - 17:30
Thu 8:30 - 17:30
Fri 8:30 - 17:30
Sat 8:30 - 17:30
Sun 10:00 - 16:00


YTC Memories

2014 ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

In 2014, many of our YTC stores participated in the viral Ice Bucket Challenge. The beneficiary was Macmillan Cancer Research.

Here's what the manager Janice has to say about it:

Our team member George challenged me and Ben, our new assistant manager, to the ice bucket challenge. We made a donation to Macmillan Cancer Support and completed the challenge after a very busy bank holiday Monday, which coincidentally turned out to be the coldest day for ages too!

Here we are outside our Selby store. The traffic all stopped as did passers-by to watch our supervisor Kathryn and Luke throw buckets of water and ice over us...

We challenged Natalie and her team at YTC Whitby, Jean and her team at YTC Durham and Mark Johnson at Head Office!

2011 Halloween

Halloween 2011 was a fun time here at Selby YTC. Everyone came to work in fancy dress to entertain our customers.

Jamie, Paul and Sarah went all-out on their costumes. Sarah, on the right, came as an undead goat, Paul came as Young Dracula, and you can't tell from the picture but Jamie was dressed as Kuato from Total Recall - the deformed baby on a man's stomach. She surprised customers throughout the day by lifting up her shirt a bit to show the radiation-poisoned psychic baby - we possibly lost a few repeat customers because of that.

Apart from occassionally being frightened by psychic belly-babies, our visitors seemed to really enjoy the Halloween environment we created. With everyone dressed up and the store covered in cobwebs and fake spiders, the spirit of Halloween was unmissable.

Here we have 3 more members of the YTC family in their seasonal garb. Martha, on the right, looks very sullen because she was taking a lunch nap and woke up to find the largest spider she'd every seen resing on her arm. She screamed and shouted and rolled until Clarice, on the left, came in and explained that the spider was rubber; it was just a joke, silly Martha.



What We Love About Selby:

Selby is a charming town just 14 miles south of York. It was the birth place of King Henry I. Less than a quarter mile to the east of our Yorkshire Trading store is the historical Selby Abbey, one of few surviving abbey churches from the medieval period. The abbey features the coat of arms of the Washington family, the family of the first president of the United States, George Washington. The coat of arms is said to be one of the major inspirations for the design of the American flag and the primary inspiration for the flag of Washington DC, the US capital.

Selby's position on the River Ouse put it in an advantageous position for trade historically. It became a lucrative centre for shipbuilding.

Deltic 55009 "Alcydon" by David Hayes, 1977

Selby Abbey by Douglas Clayden

Selby Abbey by Michael D Beckwith

About the Town

Population: 13,012
County: North Yorkshire
Postcode: YO8
Area Code: 01757

Football Club: Selby Robins

Selby Cricket Club has 4 Senior League teams based out of Sandhill Lane Stadium.

Sharing the stadium are the Rugby teams. Selby 1st are currently in Yorkshire League Division One.

Selby Town Arms

Favorite Sandwich Shop: The Jug & Bottle

Best Pint: Cochrane's Wharf

Local Newspaper: Selby Times

French Twin Town: Carentan, France
German Twin Town: Filderstadt, Germany

Famous Folk:

Notable Events: