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Fly Swatters

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Product description

​​​There's nothing worse then flies and other insects in your home in your home, their so irritating and very un hygienic, they need to be stopped and with these fast, effective and easy to use fly swatters, they will be stopped.

This five pack of  hand shaped swatters come in blue, green, orange, yellow and white so they look good and bright. Swat flies,mosquitoes and other flying insect to stop from staying in your home. These swatters are a easy solution to a insect problem in your home.

These fly swatters are perfect for your home, garden, tents, caravans or campers. Plus their environmentally friendly and if you get lots of insects during the summer then this is a must have product to have.

  • 5 pack of fly swatters - Colours - yellow, white, red, blue and green
  • Material - Plastic
  • Fast, effective and easy to use
  • Size - 44cm Approx