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Vintage Sunflower Heart & Nuts Feeder - Antique Cream Colour

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Product description

  • Weathered Cream Colour
  • Feed the birds all year round
  • Mesh integral feeder for peanuts and sunflower hearts
  • Fast flowing ports allow all bird types to feed
  • Features an anti-squirrel cage in a charming vintage style
  • Can hold up to 0.4 kg of feed

Sunflower hearts and peanuts are some of a bird's most cherished feeds, and a garden feeder that suits the style of your home allows you to provide for your local wildlife without compromising on style. The ChapelWood Antique Verdigris Sunflower and Peanut Feeder is a charming way to feed garden visiting birds, thanks to its effective anti-squirrel cage. Rendered in an ornate filigree style, this cage features a weathered cream finish, and houses a sturdy integral feeder tube. Fast flowing ports allow feed to pour out from the tube onto a surface deck, so that all varieties of bird can enjoy the food you have to offer. Offering high capacity, protection from pests, and a striking vintage aesthetic, this Antique Feeder is ideal for year round feeding.