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151 Decorators Flexible Crack Filler for 480g

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Product description

151 Flexible Decorators Filler is an easy-to-apply, quick-drying flexible gap and cracks filler for all interior decorating jobs.

Replace the nozzle and cut to give an opening the size of the bead required. It is important to cut the nozzle at 45° in order to achieve a smooth finish.

Using a standard cartridge gun, apply the product by pressing the plunger. Once applied, the product can be smoothed using a wetted finger or spatula.

The filler should be ready in approximately 1 hour depending on conditions. Once cured the filler can be painted. The filler is not meant to sand. Any excess filler can be removed with a damp cloth. Tools should be cleaned with water immediately after use.

  • For filling and sealing gaps before decorating
  • Quick setting
  • Fits standard cartridges
  • Ready to paint in one hour
  • Dries white