Domestos Toilet Bleach 750ML


Domestos Toilet Bleach 750ML

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Product description

The Domestos ultra power 7 gold bleach is the must have toilet cleaner due to it's innovative multi jet nozzle which contains 7 jets to be able to spread the cleaning power of Domestos long lasting germ kill in your toilet.

This allows for you to reach even the hardest places to clean under the rim. The formula always allows for the entire bowl to be protected from germs after it’s been cleaned flush after flush leaving your toilet perfectly white and disinfected. Due to the ultra-power of Domestos, it will kill all the germs in your toilet making it more hygienic.

  • Maximum Coverage reaching even the hard to reach places under the rim
  • Multi Jet Nozzle - Nothing kills more germs than Domestos Power 7 Maximum Coverage
  • Thick Domestos bleach
  • 750ml