Ecofective Cat & Dog Repellent Gel 460g


Ecofective Cat & Dog Repellent Gel 460g

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Product description

The cat & dog repellent gel from Ecofective is a highly effective treatment that discourages any cats & dogs from fouling or from using feces and urine to mark their territory. The gel can be used to deter them from vegetable gardens, flower borders and planters.

The slow-release formula contains Methyl Nonyl Ketone which has proven to deter animals as it contains a citric smell that animals will avoid. Simply scatter on the affected areas for an easy & effective solution to cats and dogs damaging your garden.

  • 460g
  • Helps to retrain your pets
  • For hard surfaces and garden areas
  • Contains a harmless but effective deterrent scent
  • Ideal for use on driveways, paths, patios, flower beds, dustbins, fenceposts
  • Fully approved, tried and tested & garlic free