Ecofective Mouse Killer 8 x 10g Sachets


Ecofective Mouse Killer 8 x 10g Sachets

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Product description

If you have mice problems in your house, garage or shed, the ecofective mouse killer will get rid of them in a quick, efficient and humane way. The ecofective mouse killer is a fast-acting non-anticoagulant bait that is highly reliable as a  fast-acting non-anticoagulant bait. The bait works by anaesthetising the rodent instantly.

When you use the anaesthetising bait, this puts the rodent to sleep and die and if a cat or wild animal digests the mouse the product will have no effect on them. The mouse killer includes a lockable, refillable bait box and 8 x 10g sachets.

  • Fast acting, effective formulation for mice only
  • Reliable bait control
  • Works by anaesthetising rodent, non- anticoagulant bait
  • Supplied with a lockable, refillable bait box
  • 8 x 10g sachets with refillable bait box & key for indoor use only