Fish Food Flake 50g


Fish Food Flake 50g

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Product description

Your little fishy friends will love you for this food. It contains all the essential vitamins they need. With the 50g tub this should last them a while depending on how many fishy friends you have. 

Suitable for cold water fish, Pond fish and even shrimps and snails. You will find them coming to you for more when you pop to see them with this food. It crumbles well into smaller pieces for little fish and larger fish will munch down happily on the larger flakes. As they sink the fish dwelling at the bottom of the tank will enjoy this too. Shrimp and Snails will snack on this as it falls through the water.

  • 50g Tub
  • Contains Vitamins A, E & D3
  • Suitable for Cold Water, Pond Fish and even shrimp and snails.