Foam Fresh Foaming Toilet Cleaner Citrus Zest 370g


Foam Fresh Foaming Toilet Cleaner Citrus Zest 370g

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Product description

The foam fresh foaming toilet cleaner is ideal for keeping your toilet smelling fresh and smelling great. The formula of the toilet cleaner features a 3 function cleaning power that will clean your toilet with a cleansing foam while also removing and preventing limescale build-up. 

The citrus-scented toilet cleaner will also neutralize odours while leaving your toilet smelling of citrus zest. Simply just shake a little powder into the water of the toilet bowl and watch it foam up to clean your toilet and release the scent. Flush away for a sparkling clean toilet. 

  • Fragranced Foaming Toilet Cleaner 
  • 370g
  • Helps remove limescale
  • Helps neutralise odours
  • Citrus Scented