HG Sticker Remover Liquid 300ml


HG Sticker Remover Liquid 300ml

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Product description

Effective glue, oil and sticker adhesive remover
This sticky label remover is an absolute must for removing stickers, sticker adhesive, tar and grease stains. However, you can also use HG sticker remover to clean oil and heel marks.

If you try removing a sticker yourself, such as with a sharp object, you may damage the surface. However, with HG sticker remover, you can easily remove without causing any damage.

How do you use HG sticker remover?
Follow the steps below for correct use of HG sticker remover. Always test in advance to see if the sticker adhesive remover is safe to use on that surface.

  1. Always use HG sticker remover undiluted. When removing sticker glue from paper stickers, apply the sticky label remover with a brush. To remove plastic stickers, loosen a corner first to let the product flow between the sticker and the surface.
  2. Leave the sticker remover to work and the sticker can be removed easily.
  3. To remove any glue residues, you can apply HG sticker remover once more.
  4. The glue remnants can be removed with a cloth after a few seconds.

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