Hot & Cold Pack Reuseable


Hot & Cold Pack Reuseable

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Product description

This hot and cold reusable pack is perfect for providing warm or cooling pain relief again and again with each use. Inside is a special gel which is contained in a strong nylon pouch providing great results and a comfortable feel whether the pack is being used hot or cold. The pack stays flexible regardless of if its hot or cold.

When cold the pack can be used to reduce swelling, toothache,  temporary relief of headache and reducing fevers. When the pack is hot, it can be used for temporary relief of muscle aches and pains; back pain; sinusitis and menstrual cramp.

  • Medisure reusable hot or cold pack
  • 12cm x 22cm
  • Convenient application of hot and cold therapy
  • Can be used in the microwave or freezer to provide comforting warmth or cooling relief again and again
  • Strong nylon pouch gives comfortable feel whether the pack is being used hot or cold