Kentwell Natural Coir Doormat Dogs


Kentwell Natural Coir Doormat Dogs

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Product description

Keep your home clean and tidy with this natural coir fibre doormat from Kentwell. Accidentally treading in mud and leaves from outside can be a pain, especially on newly cleaned floors. Gathering dirt from walks outside is inevitable, but that doesn't mean that making further messes has to be. With this doormat, you can stop the dirt in its tracks. The natural coir fibres from coconuts get in between the grooves of the soles on your shoes, working hard to remove dirt before it even has the chance to enter your home. 

A PVC backing prevents the doormat from slipping, letting you really get down to removing all of the grime on your shoes without the mat moving against you. It only takes a moment to get rid of accidental dirt, but it makes for a home that's far easier to clean and enjoy. 

  • Size: 45 x 75 cm
  • PVC backing to prevent slipping
  • Natural coir fibres