Kilrock K Multi Purpose Descaler 250ml


Kilrock K Multi Purpose Descaler 250ml

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Kilrock K Multi-Purpose Descaler removes limescale from all appliances kettles, shower heads, coffee makers, steam irons, toilet pans, and garden sprinklers. The Original and Best Multi-Purpose Descaler from Kilrock does the job.

If you shower head sprays in all directions but at you then you need to descale it, this will clean out the nozzles meaning a clean shower for you too. Coffee makers get gunked up while we can't see it inside which means we keep using it until it will not work anymore, clean it out periodically with this cleaner and it will keep serving you fresh hot cups time after time.

  • Destroys Limescale in Minutes
  • Prolongs Machine Life
  • Phosphate Free
  • Biodegrable
  • 250m