Tom Smith Novelty Characters Christmas Crackers 8pk 12''


Tom Smith Novelty Characters Christmas Crackers 8pk 12''

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Product description

Ideal for any festive occasion, these Christmas crackers can be placed around your dinner table on Christmas day or for your Christmas and New Year's eve parties. The Christmas cracker has always been a traditional part of the Christmas festivities and these crackers have been decorated with cute cartoon Santa and Rudolph designs.

Each cracker contains either a novelty gift including trick poker cards or an origami frog, along with a hat, snap, and motto! Pull the cracker to start your Christmas with a Bang. The crackers are designed with the environment in mind, crafted without single-use plastic materials or plastic decorations.

  • 8pk 
  • Size - 12''
  • 2 Cartoon Designs
  • Ideal For Any Festive Occasion
  • Eco-Friendly