Nuage Hayfever Bundle


Nuage Hayfever Bundle

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Product description

A bundle for those who suffer from hayfever and irritated eyes.

Nuage Hayfever Relief Wipes 30pk

For all the hayfever sufferers out there, we have you covered with the nuage hayfever relief wipes which will remove and trap pollen, dust and pet allergens from your face and hands.

  • Pack contains 30 wipes
  • Remove and trap pollen, dust, & pet allergens
  • Suitable for every day use
  • Enriched with natural peppermint and tea tree oils

Nuage Face Mist Spray 15ml

The face mist spray from Nuage has been enriched with Japanese honeysuckle and cassia tora seed extract. The face mist spray instantaneously soothes, refreshes and revives eyes and skin that become dry and irritated from the environment.

  • Cools & Refreshes
  • Suitable For Hayfever
  • Suitable For Daily Use

Nuage Cooling Gel Eye Mask

The Nuage cooling eye mask is used when there is a need to soothe tired, irritated, puffy, and inflamed eyes and the surrounding area. The mask has been designed for comfort and convenience and will refresh and revive the skin and eyes. 

  • Helps reduce puffiness
  • Quickly cools in 15 mins
  • Suitable for hayfever
  • Suitable for daily use