One and a half inch decorators brush


Pioneer Acer 1.5" Paintbrush

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Product description

The Acer Lightning Pro-Am paint brush range is perfect for both professionals and home DIYers alike. The paintbrush is suitable for all paints and is formulated for a smooth flow finish. The brush has no bristle loss. It's widely used in the decorating contractor sector and for detail painting

Crafted with high-quality synthetic filaments, the Yorbrush 1.5" Paint Brush is guaranteed to deliver a smooth and even finish, with no unsightly brush strokes or bristle shedding. The brush head is meticulously designed to hold paint in just the right amount, reducing the need for multiple dips and ensuring that every stroke is consistent and even.

With its ergonomic wooden handle, this paintbrush is comfortable to use for extended periods, making it perfect for larger paint projects. Its design also ensures that it fits snugly in your hand, giving you precise control and allowing you to achieve the perfect finish, no matter the surface.

  • Extra Fine Brush
  • Perfect For Detailing
  • For Oil & Water Based Paints
  • 1.5" Size
  • Red Wooden Handle