Shoehorn & Back Scratcher 2pk


Shoehorn & Back Scratcher 2pk

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Product description

Struggle no more as this 2 in 1 shoehorn and back scratcher as it will help you with sliding your shoes on with ease without damaging the back of your shoes plus you're able to get to those difficult places.  You're also able to scratch that hard to reach spot comfortably without having to ask for help. 

The long handle means that you do not need to bend down to use the shoe horn and eases the strain on your lower back. This also works well the opposite way, the long handle allows you to reach those stubborn itchy spots without over-stretching yourself. It's Ideal for elderly people or individual with reduced mobility.

  • 2 in 1 shoe horn & back scratcher 
  • 2pk
  • 50cm long
  • Material: PP