SuperFOIL Insulation Range
SuperFOIL Insulation Range
SuperFOIL Insulation Range
SuperFOIL Insulation Range
SuperFOIL Insulation Range


SuperFOIL Insulation Range

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Product description

SuperFoil products are made from a combination of foil’s (radiant barriers) and best loft insulation wadding layers offering exceptional performance at affordable costs.

All Super FOIL products have been tested to the highest standards with the UK S leading authorities. Super FOIL products are fully certified with labc & bba so you can trust that you are buying the Highest quality foil insulation on the market.

SuperFoil Radpack 600mm x5m

Superfoil radpack provides an economical solution to prevent heat loss and reduce household energy bills. Installed behind radiators, superfoil radpack works by reflecting over 95% of radiant energy away from the wall and back into the living space. 

  • High emissivity surface reflects over 95% of heat back into the room
  • Fits all radiator shapes & sizes - Coverage for 3+ Radiators
  • Easy To Install - Includes self adhesive pads just cut to size
  • 3mm Bubble layer for maximum core thermal performance
  • Increases the  energy efficiency of your home

SuperFoil Multipurpose Wrap 0.6X7.5M

Insulate your home efficiently and save money on your energy bills with high performance foil insulation.

Suitable for all DIY uses, such as walls, floors, roofs, motor homes, campervans, caravans, dog kennels, rabbit hutches, etc.

  • 3 in 1 insulation, vapour control & radiant barrier
  • Lightweight. Flexible & Easy To Install
  • Helps To Reduce Condensation and eliminates draughts
  • Keeps spaces warmer in winter and cooler in summer  

SuperFoil Aluminum Foil Tape 50mm x 30m

The super foil aluminum tape is for securing, joining and sealing multifoil insulation products. It helps provide maximum thermal performance and durability. It creates a strong seal helping to eliminate cold spots & draughts.

  • 50mm x 30m
  • Far stronger than standard (non-reinforced) aluminium foil tape
  • High temperature + weather resistance
  • Specially designed to reduce heat loss
  • Highly tear resistant

SuperFoil Pipe Wrap Insulation 80mm 7.5m

Superfoil pipe insulation insulates your home efficiently with the high performance foil insulation for pipes. The wrap will protect your pipes from leaks this winter. The wrap has double layer insulation, with two reflective foil surfaces on either side of a polyethylene bubble membrane which keeps your pipes warm to reduce your risk of leaks as well as act as a noise-proof barrier in your home.

  • Light Weight and Flexible
  • Reduces Noise Pollution
  • Resistant to Corrosion
  • 8cm Wide, 7.5m Long