Trick Or Treat Gel Window Stickers


Trick Or Treat Gel Window Stickers

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Spread the Halloween joy with these wonderful packs of gel window stickers. Each sticker is a unique and fun Halloween design or character made using gel, and they are sure to give a fright to every passer-by who walks past your window. Halloween decorations don't have to just be for those inside your house to see, so why not take the inside out and make everyone's day! Easily stick them to your windows, and when the holiday season is over, they will peel smoothly off so that you won't need to worry about permanently having the stickers up. Brilliant for all ages, you are sure to bring a smile to people's faces as they spot the stickers. Halloween is such a great time to have fun and be happy, so these stickers are sure to add to that magic.

  • Stick to windows and doors to turn everything into a display!
  • Easy application and removal