Scunci by Conair Velvet Scrunchie 2 Pack


Scunci by Conair Velvet Scrunchie 2 Pack

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Product description

These scrunchies are made with high-quality care and even higher-quality materials! The velvet look of this two-pack is perfect for a party or a bright powerful everyday look! Emerald Green and Cherry red are both colours with convey a good time, and will really add some flavour to any outfit!

But it's not just about how it looks, these are scrunchies you'll use every day, they stay sturdy and are so simple to use! Scrunci is known for its extra comfy build!

In its original size and shape, it's made to fit the majority of hairstyles,  length and fairness! Even if you keep it on your wrist all day, you can trust it won't leave a mark! Whether these become your next favoured scrunchies or slip into your pocket for the day, you can never get enough! From workouts to nights out, scünci lets you express your personal style and gets you ready for any occasion. Take control of your hair and look amazing whatever you do and wherever you go!

  • Velvet 2 Pack
  • Cherry Red and Emerald Green!
  • Trusted Quality and Durability by Scunci
  • One-size-fit-most