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Turtle Wax - Wax It Wet Spray Wax 500ml

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Product description

The number-one selling car wax spray isn’t number one just because of its shine –although the glossy results are incredible. It’s so popular because getting those results is so fast and easy! Just wash and rinse your car and spray on this aqua wax before you towel dry. As you dry, the wax bonds to the paint surface and begins displacing water.

By the time your car is dry, your car will have an incredible, reflective gloss and long-lasting protection against the elements. Even better, you’ll have created a water-repelling barrier that will save you work and drying time in future car washes.
  • Unique formulation allows you to simply wax the car whilst drying
  • Advanced water activated wax and polymers bond to paintworks as you dry
  • Deep Shine and lasting protection from the elements
  • 500ml