5 Fun And Festive Christmas Craft Ideas For The Whole Family

5 Craft Ideas To Bring Christmas To Your Home 

Christmas is the perfect time for crafting. With so many decorations around the house, it is ideal for getting the family together and creating some wonderfully personal accessories. 

At Yorkshire Trading Company, we love the festive time of year, and that’s why we have come up with 5 Christmas craft ideas that don’t just look great, but are also great fun to make!

1. Miniature Christmas Trees 

What is more christmassy than a decorated tree? 

These miniature trees can be made any size, and can be decorated however you like. Why not let each member of the family create their own? Or alternatively, stick to a colour theme and create a lovely collection. The possibilities are endless. And the best thing? They’re easy to make.

  1. Choose what size you want and buy the appropriate cone
  2. Use our artists paint set to colour the cone in. Green is a good choice if you want it to resemble a tree, but you can paint any colour you want. A great alternative to painting is using wool and wrapping it around the cone, making sure it stays in place with double sided tape.
  3. Once the paint has dried, it’s time to have some fun. Take some of our felt and add any decoration you want. From stars to circles, the cone is your canvas so let your imagination run wild.
  4. Why not add some decoration in the form of tinsel bows, LED lights, pom poms and christmas tree pipe cleaners to add some texture.

Have a great time decorating your miniature tree and get into the Christmas spirit early with these great little decorations.

2. Sock Snowmen 

Do some fun recycling this Christmas by turning old socks into snowmen. Just make sure you wash them first!

  1. Get an old pair of socks (preferably white) and cut them around the ankle area.
  2. Turn the top half of the sock inside out and close it by tying it together with an elastic band. 
  3. Fill your now closed sock with fiber wool. Make sure it is full to the top.
  4. Use two more elastic bands. One gets tied around three quarters of the way up, and one closes the top. 
  5. Your snowman should now be in the right shape, with a big round body and a small round head. 
  6. Now the fun begins. Decorate your snowman how you want. Colour head pins can make great facial features and buttons.
  7. Now remember the other part of the sock, fold the bottom up until it fits perfectly on your snowmans head and use it as a hat. For extra effect, add a pom pom on the end as a bobble.

And that’s it. Or should I say, that could be it. Use anything around the house, such as ribbons and shoe laces, to add extra features like a scarf and turn that old pair of socks into a super snowman.

3. Paper Plate Whirl Tree 

For something that looks amazing and is relatively easy to make, don’t look further than a paper plate Christmas tree. It’s simple but looks great!

  1. Find a paper plate. This could be a white one that needs painting, or a silver plate to make a dazzling tree straight away. 
  2. If you have a silver plate, paint it green so it can perfectly resemble a tree.
  3. Now the tricky bit. Get a pair of scissors (remember to be careful) and cut your plate in a swirling motion. Once it’s cut, you should be able to pull the middle and it will rise in a whirl. 
  4. Now the hard work is done, it’s time to decorate. You can do this how you want, but remember to keep the decorations light as you don’t want to pull your tree down. Our multi-coloured paper pad provides a great way of cutting out shapes to adorn your tree. Tie all of your decorations to your tree with wool.
  5. Using string, tie the top of your tree to a hook and let it dangle.

These decorations are great to look at and fun to make, the perfect combination!

4. Father Christmas Mask 

Who doesn’t love Santa? Make your little ones their very own Santa mask this year and have great fun whilst doing it.

  1. Start with a white paper plate. This can then be coloured in with paint or crayons so it resembles a face.
  2. The most recognisable feature of Santa is of course the beard. So make it stand out and get messy with glue and pom poms. Lots of pom poms. If you want to make it bigger, add some felt to the bottom and stick them pom poms on.
  3. Now the face and beard is done, it’s time to do the hat. Red felt can be cut into the shape of the hat, before a large white pom pom is stuck to the top.
  4. Santa is nearly there, so now it’s time to add some features. Googly eyes are perfect for sticking on the face and are always good fun. 
  5. If you want to add a final touch, some pink rosy cheeks and a red nose made out of spare felt are nice extra touches to really make your Santa mask look just like the real thing.

Have hours of fun with a Father Christmas mask. And you don’t need to stop there, if you have leftover materials then why not make some elves or reindeer? 

Last But Not Least, The Christmas Wreath

Look no further than a festive wreath to bring the spirit of Christmas to your whole street. A classic decoration at this time of the year. 

  1. Start with our green wreath
  2. Once you have the wreath, it’s time to go. What can you find to make your wreath look great? Well, here’s some ideas:
  • Red tinsel bows are sure to add a splash of Christmas to your front door.
  • Berries are a staple of every good Christmas wreath
  • What’s more festive than tinsel on your Christmas wreath.

3. So you have the wreath and the decorations. Now it’s time to put them together. Whether sticking to a set theme, or making your mind up as you go, have fun and create a wreath as colourful and bold as you want it to be.

4. Once your wreath is decorated, it’s time to hang it on your door. Don’t hold back and choose a lovely festive ribbon to tie your wreath on. A bright and bold wreath is a great way to complete the look.

You can’t go wrong with a Christmas wreath. These have been used for decades as decorations and there’s no sign of people stopping anytime soon. 

With that in mind, here’s 5 tips on how to make your wreath the envy of your neighbours:

  • Put your lights on first if you’re using them. This is a great way of making them subtle and hiding the wires in the wreath and behind your decorations.
  • Don’t just make it a treat for the eyes, why not place some items from our fruit organza bag to get that winter scent every time you step through the door.
  • Don’t always stick to tradition. Your wreath can be decorated however you would like to, so choose the items that you want on your wreath and use them.
  • Good equipment is your friend. If you’re using garden wire to attach your decorations, make sure you’re wearing gloves. Also, finding a good place where you can see all of your items as well as your wreath is essential for knowing how much space you have left to add to your wreath.
  • Have fun! Wreath making is a great activity to get the whole family in the Christmas spirit, so enjoy it. Get the Christmas songs on and embrace the festivities that are on the way!

Christmas Is Coming 

Tis’ the season to be jolly, so enjoy decorating your home with these 5 ideas for Christmas crafts that are sure to be fun for all the family. 

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