5 Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Autumn Garden

Be Ready For Autumn With These 5 Handy Hints From YTC

As Summer ends and Autumn begins, it is natural to not spend as much time outside in the garden.

But, as the weather gets colder and the nights get shorter, there are ways to keep your garden feeling fresh and like the sun is always shining.

Take a look at our 5 top tips for keeping your Autumn garden looking and feeling great, and never let the weather stop you from enjoying your time outside.

1. Get Crafting 

Autumn is an ideal time to decorate your garden by embracing pastel colours and getting crafty.

Why not create an Autumnal wind chime? They’re great fun and easy to make for all the family. Tie some twigs together in a cross with some of our Green Jute Twine, before tying more bits of twine to the twigs and hanging them down. 

Then it’s time to use your imagination. Tie what you want to the twine, from conkers and acorns, to cool, bright painted stones and wood slices. Always fun to make and great fun to watch, these wind chimes are a real crowd pleaser.

For something a little different, why not build an Autumn wreath for your garden? Our green moss rings are the perfect base to attach pinecones, leaves, or any other decoration you can think of to make your garden look great. Hang from a tree or attach to a fence and make your Autumn garden feel fun and fresh. 

2. The Sun Is Your Friend 

Early nights don’t mean your garden can’t always look great. Adding solar powered lights isn’t just energy efficient, it also creates a lovely atmosphere for them chilly Autumnal nights.

Whether wanting to make a statement with something large, or wanting more of a subtle touch, spreading these lights around your Autumn garden will transform your outside area. 

The best thing about solar lights? They’re easy. Once they’re in, it couldn’t be easier to maintain these lights, and with no wires involved, you can move and change your layout whenever you want to always have the perfect decoration for you. 

Whatever style or size you would like, Yorkshire Trading Company has something for you. From our elegant and eye-catching Smart Solar LED Mega SpiralLight to our smaller lights such as our ladybird solar string lights and our ivy firefly string lights.

Don’t let dark nights keep you inside with stunning solar lighting to keep your garden illuminated and feeling cosy. 

3. Open Your Garden To The Birds 

Autumn is a great time to welcome a wide range of birds into your garden. As the weather changes, colder weather birds come out to play, and they can be some of the most colourful and impressive birds you will see all year. 

Blue tits, goldfinches, woodpeckers and robins are all known to visit UK gardens in Autumn, so if you’re a bird lover, this could be a great time to catch a glimpse of your favourite feathered friends. 

Make sure your garden is ready for the birds, with our multi-coloured bird nesting boxes. Or, for the true twitchers out there, why not look at our peacock glass birdbath which will always provide a splash of colour to your Autumn garden.

Be ready to keep your visitors well fed with a wide range of fat balls and bird seeds that will keep your garden full of bright and beautiful birds. 

For something a bit different, our geometric bird collection will add a funky touch to your Autumn garden and make sure it’s always bright and colourful no matter the time of year..

4. Keep On Growing 

Just because the sun is no longer shining as hot, it doesn’t mean it’s not a great time to keep growing your vegetables. Rhubarb, onions, garlic and even broccoli are all suitable to be planted in Autumn, meaning there’s no reason to stop growing beautiful and nutritious food as Summer ends. 

Our grozones are the ideal environment to grow all of your vegetables. Coming in many different varieties, from 4 tier, 5 tier and raised bed, there is always something to fit snugly into your Autumn garden and keep the food coming in.

Save the precious pennies and eat healthy food throughout the colder months by never stopping growing. And they’re not the only benefits. Growing vegetables is a hobby that more and more people are taking up every year. It’s a great form of exercise that is sure to become a passion.

So don’t let cold weather slow your veg down, and never stop growing with grozones from Yorkshire Trading Company.

5. Stay Clean 

As the leaves fall from the trees and the weather gets wetter, it is important to always keep your garden looking clean. Regular maintenance is required to keep your garden free from leaves and twigs. 

But don’t worry, we’re here to help. With tools such as our adjustable rake you can get the whole family involved in keeping your garden looking good all year round. 

For ultimate convenience, why not take our portable pop up garden waste cart with wheels and ensure you’re always fully prepared to clean up any mess.  

Maintaining your garden shouldn’t feel like a chore. It should be fun for all the family. So make the sweeping of leaves and trimming of bushes enjoyable with proper equipment. 

Be Autumn Ready In Your Garden 

Never let the weather affect your garden and always enjoy your outdoor space with our handy tips, and with Yorkshire Trading Company.

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