Chitting Potatoes with the Whole Family

Chitting potatoes is a great activity for getting the whole family involved. The process of chitting potatoes is essentially forcing seed potatoes into growth before planting. Not only is it fun to do but it also promotes an increase on your annual potato harvest.

The best time to start chitting your seed potatoes is from late January with the aim to start planting them March to April time.

When purchasing your seed potatoes make sure you purchase the right type of seed potato based on how long you are wanting them planted for. Our seed potato range includes First Early Potatoes, Second Early Potatoes and Maincrop Potatoes, covering all of your potato requirements until late October before the harvest begins again next year.

Not sure about how to successfully chit your potatoes? Follow our simple guide for chitting potatoes:

  • Step 1: find yourself a couple of egg boxes or a seed tray for placing your seed potatoes into. It is best to place one seed potato per compartment with the end of the potato with the most ‘eyes’ facing upwards, this will allow air to circulate and for the sprouts to form.
  • Step 2: label your potatoes up with the date and type of potato before placing them in a light, dry room - we recommend placing them on a windowsill.
  • Step 3: regularly check in on your chitting potatoes to make sure they are developing healthy shoots and that they are not being exposed to too much heat, light or moisture and if necessary, adjust the conditions as required. If you notice the odd ‘mouldy’ potato remove it from the tray as it will affect the healthy potatoes.

It can take up to 6 weeks to successfully chit your potatoes, so be patient before moving them across to the ground for planting.

Important Information About Seed Potatoes
All of our seed potatoes can be planted in the ground from mid-March depending on the weather but we recommend holding off on planting them if the soil is wet as they will not perform as well. Here is the best time to plant your seed potatoes:

  • First Early Potatoes: mature in 60-110 days, if planted towards the end of March and they will be ready for lifting from late June.
  • Second Early Potatoes: mature in 110-120 days, if planted mid to late April, they will be ready for harvesting from early August.
  • Maincrop Potatoes: mature in 125-140 days, if planted in late April can be harvested by mid-August, continuing through to October.

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