Choosing the Right Water Butt

In the warmer months our gardens can quickly use over 100 litres of tap water every single day, and when you’re on a water metre that adds an unnecessary premium to your water bill.

A lot of gardeners are keen to conserve rainwater from their gardens to reduce their carbon footprint along with making healthier plants, but many are unsure about how to choose the right water butt.

Before purchasing your new water butt – identify an area of your garden where you can hook the water butt up to a drainpipe. Then measure the space available as our water butts come in three different sizes 100L, 120L and 210L.

We recommend lifting your Water Butt off the ground to give you easy access to the tap, if you don’t have something suitable already in your garden to stand the Water Butt on try using a Water Butt Stand.

If you find one Water Butt just isn’t enough for all of the rainwater in your garden, it’s quick and easy to install a Water Butt Connector Kit to join two Water Butts together.

Once your water butt is installed you just need to wait for a couple of rainy days before you see the benefits of using a water butt in your garden. Along with blossoming ericaceous plants as they prefer the slightly acidic grounds created from a mixture of rainwater, soil and Ericaceous Compost.

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