Getting Your Garden Ready For Summer

With the weather really starting to hot up it’s time to start thinking about dragging your barbecues out, blowing up the paddling pools and dusting off the sun loungers so we can spend early mornings having a brew and a slice of toast, days having picnics and eating ice-pops and evenings getting all the ‘adults’ together for a few very competitive games. So, what better time than now to get your garden ready for all the fun that’s going to hit it. By acting early, it will allow you to maximise the time you can spend outside soaking up the glorious sunshine and enjoying being out in your very own piece of nature. Taking just a few simple steps will really make a difference.

Have a tidy up

The cold and windy winter months will have left your garden looking unkempt, bleak and probably quite neglected. So, whipping your garden into shape in a hurry isn’t going to difficult if you first decide exactly what needs to be done. Start by making the most of what you already have, you’ll be surprised how much basic garden maintenance will perk up your outdoor space. Is there leaves that need to be swept away? Hedges that could do with a trim? Paving that needs a power-wash or toys the children don’t play with to be put in the shed? If needs be, do a run to the local tip. That way, once all the garden is looking nice, you won’t have the annoyance of getting rid of the rubbish!

Lawn care

Your grass will likely be starting to grow quite well this going forward, so the lawn will need regular mowing from now on. Don’t think of that as a bad thing because let us tell you… a neatly mowed lawn is a joy to behold in an English summer garden, so make sure yours is in tip top condition! When mowing your grass to a neat length, make sure to collect and dispose of all the debris it leaves behind. Another tip is to not forget to trim the edges of your grass, it may sound silly, but it will make it look a lot neater and tidier. If your grass is really struggling and you’re are still seeing bare patches where it’s not grown yet, try laying some lawn seed. Lawn seeds hold nutrients that stimulate the seeds to develop and grow. This ensures faster germination, stronger roots and ultimately healthier grass.

Banishing weeds

Although tearing up these little green intruders from your flower beds, paved areas and gravel can prove mildly satisfying, this chore will soon wear thin after a short while. So, if you haven’t already, make sure to prepare your flower beds by pulling up any weeds and forking in a good layer of compost before sowing seeds ready for the growing season ahead. For paved areas or gravel, try using a weed killer spray. The effects are super-fast, work effectively in awkward hard to reach places and destroy weeds at the root.

What to plant

Adding bright coloured flowers like Daffodils, Dahlias or the ever-popular choice of Petunias which bloom from spring to autumn into your garden is sure to put a smile on your face after the long winter. A fresh range of plants will give both you and your garden a natural boost. Brighten up paved areas or walls with planted up containers, add some hanging baskets or refill an exciting flower bed. Along with flowers, why not add brightly coloured garden ornaments to add a splash of colour to your garden. And you know what this means? A trip to the garden centre and who doesn’t love a garden centre?

Save on water

A huge amount of rain water falls on our rooftops every year. Collecting this water and using it in your garden is better for your lawn, plants and most importantly, our environment. It’s also a great idea to do everything we can to help keep bills down, water isn’t exactly cheap, it is? So, instead of making those endless trips to-ing and fro-ing from kitchen sink and back out to the garden (spilling half along the floor mind you!) and filling up your watering cans or blasting the hose pipe, install a water butt and you’ll have rainwater on hand to water the plants and grass. Water butts can be used to collect water from anywhere with a sloped roof and a downwards drainpipe – shed, garage, house or all three.

Get decorative

We know some garden furniture can be on the expensive side, however, what an investment piece it will be. When garden furniture is looked after and treated well, like a bench or tables and chairs, it will last for years and years! How about creating some stunning floral displays around your garden with hanging baskets or potted planters? Purchase some outdoor lighting for marking pathways, driveways and garden features so that you can continue to enjoy being outside long after the sun sets. Or finally, if you’re a crafty person, maybe create something with recycled materials that is totally unique to you.

Wildlife watch

Firstly, have a think about how you can draw in the wildlife to your garden. Lots of flowers, hedges, and trees for birds hide, rest and nest are a good idea. Don’t worry though, if you don’t have a tree or hedge, we’re not asking you to plant one! There are many ways to entice wildlife in. The smallest pond enables birds to bathe and frogs to re-hydrate. Bird boxes, nesting houses, roosting pouches and seed feeders allow all types of bird species from blackbirds, doves, starlings, songbirds, kingfishers and robins to call your garden, their home.

Relax and enjoy

Now that your garden is hopefully looking good, it’s time for you to relax, de-stress and have a bit of quiet time. Maybe have a glass of your favourite tipple? Sit back and admire your hard work and get ready for a summer of fun.

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