Collection: Garden Tools

Here at Yorkshire Trading we believe in maintaining your garden so that any home or commercial garden is kept in a perfect all year round. We supply a whole range of gardening tools to choose from for all sorts of gardening tasks including digging, weeding, cutting, and clearing. The right gardening tools can make all the difference whether your green fingers or just getting started. Invest in handy new tools to make your job so much easier.

Look after your lawn and flower beds with our variety of lawn edging tools, spades, shovels. Maintain the edges of your garden lawn with a selection of lawn edging tools. We also stock garden shears, loppers, and tree pruners for all your small tree, plant, or hedge maintenance. Keep up with your garden maintenance and clear unwanted leaves, moss and grass with garden rakes and hoes.

We have a wide range of cutting and pruning tools which can be used for a whole range of gardening jobs to allow you to enhance your garden and for keeping your green spaces trim and healthy. Take care of your patio, decking, driveway, and garden furniture with our range of outdoor cleaning products to help remove unwanted build ups of grease, algae, and other dirty substances.