Collection: Home Accessories

Dive into our expansive homeware collection, we've hand selected a wonderful range of gorgeous products tailored for every room in your home. We have a wide range of home accessories that you can use to personalise your home in any way you want without breaking the bank to make your home feel more homely.

Choose from an array of accessories including photo frames, mirrors, clocks, vases, and ornaments. Add some elegance and ambience into a room with candles, diffusers & potpourri which will provide homely scents to any room.

Stay warm with our range of hot water bottles, from traditional to modern, fluffy, tweedy, and cuddly, we have it all. We also have some lovely faux houseplants and flowers which provides all the beauty that real plants may bring without the maintenance.

Create large banks of storage cubbies for keeping the kid's rooms organised or build a custom multimedia centre to house your television, games consoles and streaming devices with our storage shelves.