Collection: Technology Appliances

Here at Yorkshire Trading, we have a wide range of tech to suit your needs including extension leads and cable reels which come in very handy as they give you the flexibility to be able to power lights and other tech appliances with complete ease. Do not get caught out when your batteries run out and have the batteries you need with our extensive range of batteries which are available in different sizes for all your devices including all your gadgets and devices.

Keep all your electronic devices fully charged and ready to go whether your old phone charger has died, or you need a USB connector to connect your phone to your laptop, we have you covered with an array of charges and adaptors. For all your music and audio needs, explore our selection of headphones and speakers.

Light up the dark with our extensive range of torch and lanterns which have been designed for optimal use in outdoor environments and it’s always worth having one within your home for those power cuts or having to go outside at night.