Collection: Insecticides & Weed Killers

Here at Yorkshire Trading we love to help keep your garden in great condition. Invasive plants and insects can quickly become a problem if left unattended for too long, but you can help to prevent this with our curated selection of insecticides and weed killers. Having the right tools to keep your space happy and healthy really can be the finishing touch to making your garden reach its potential, as well as making it a much nicer place to be outside in with family and friends. 

Our insecticides cover a wide range of pests from snails and slugs to ants and wasps. Although these little creatures might appear harmless at first, they can end up causing significant damage to your plants. Weeds, too, have a habit of invading and taking over without the right tools. Give yourself and your garden the helping hand you need with our fantastic insecticide and weed killer range.