Collection: Lawn & Plant Care

Keep your lawn looking green and fresh while keeping your plants in tiptop shape all year round with our range of products that promote growth and care in your garden. From lawn treatment to fertilisers to pest control and plant food, we have everything you need to keep your garden thriving.

We have high quality lawn seeds and fertilisers from leading brands including Doff, Miracle Gro and Ever Green to ensure that your grass gets as much attention as the rest of the garden. Explore our fast-acting feeds to strengthen your grass while killing unwanted weeds and moss, so your lawn can stay looking its best with our Weed Killers & Weed Guards.

 Give your garden the best chance of blooming with a boost from our range of plant food which are specialised for everything from flowers to plants and even tomato is and we have a whole range of fertilisers which enrich your soil and promotes healthier growth by releasing natural nutrients. Keep pests away and protect your precious plants and flowers with pest control & insecticides.