Introducing Your New Jumbo Chum!

You’re in for a treat! These giant plush hand warmers are the bomb! The big softies are full of character and we think it would be a wise decision to invest in these ginormous hand warmers for the chilly months! Not only will they keep your hands toastie, but you can use them as a pillow, decorate your bed or it can become your little one’s new favourite soft toy.

For all thing’s country we have the Highland Cow, Rabbits, Hedgehogs and Owls. For all things home we have the Black Cat and the pet Pug. Chuck in a bright orange Octopus and a gorgeous pink Unicorn – you’ll be stuck for choice!

They can’t help but make you feel cosy, whether you want cosy up on the couch in front of Corrie or you’re feeling a bit sorry for yourself with a sniffle, your new chum will be right by your side.

Shop now, while stock lasts!

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