National Nest Box Week | 14-21 Feb 2019

Its National Nest Box Week, so make sure your Garden is fully kitted out for all of our feathered friends, by checking out our full Bird Care range.

We stock Bird Boxes of all different shapes and sizes so you can make sure that the birdlife you share your garden with have a home when the weather changes course. The Wild Bird Roosting Pouch is perfect for some of our smaller breeds, our Classic Robin Nest Box speaks for itself and we also have Our Wooden Wild Bird House for more of a cute vintage look.

Our full collection of feeders and Bird seed will help you to not only attract bird to come to your garden for food, but when you've got your boxes set up, they'll want to stay.

Bird Seed is an ideal item to take advantage of our Click & Collect Service, so find your nearest store, and choose click and collect on the checkout!

So make sure that you're all prepared for Bird Box Week and that our birdie neighbours are well looked as the year heads into Spring & Summer!

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