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Our Best Treats For Your Best Friend

Our Best Treats For Your Best Friend

Rewarding your pooch can be an extremely important part of reinforcing positive behaviours and strengthening your bond with man's best friend, doing so in sensible moderation can be so dificult, after all most of our four legged companions are food oriented, but how do we tow the line between rewarding and overfeeding?

This week, we're introducing, both in store and online, a fantastic range of 6 natural dog treats from Ernest Charles Co.

These specially formulated snacks are designed to offer your pooch the maximum return in terms of flavour with the lowest possible impact on their diet, when offered in moderation, these  tasty rewards can form part of a well balanced diet for your dog!


Remember, your canine companions are always welcome in your local Yorkshire Trading Co. Store, so why not bring them down to meet our local team while you pick them up some smoked chicken or sausage treats?

Dog Treats £1

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