Join the YTC Team

Yorkshire Trading Co is a family owned business that has the words ‘team’ and ‘service’ at the core of everything we do. From Part-Time Sales to Managing Director, everyone has their own contribution to the team and everything we do is about serving our customers. Yes we work hard but we work together.

For those team members with the drive and the ability to advance in further roles, our growth as a company means that there are always opportunities to build and enjoy a great career in Retail, Logistics, Administration or Management.

Store Team

YTC employees

Working in our stores is all about Customer Service. If you have high standards and enjoy making people happy then you will love it. From ordering stock to creating attractive displays to working quickly and efficiently at the till, all of our work is to deliver great customer service.

As you progress to Store Management the role becomes one of making sure we have enough people in the right place at the right time and also helping your team members to have the training, skills, knowledge and motivation necessary to deliver high quality customer service.

Not available at the moment.

Warehouse Team

Our wide variety of warehouse jobs are all focused on contributing to the team and the goal of delivering for our Customers. We need people to price our goods, rack our stock on shelves, pick our stock from the shelves, get them sent to the store, and all of this quickly and efficiently so that our customers get what they want.

As the whole process runs in a constant chain, it is vital that the whole team work together.

Office Team

Every business has an amount of administration that they need to do. At Yorkshire Trading Co we have such a variety of departments and functions that means it is never just boring paperwork.

As well as the administration of a successful and growing traditional shop-based retail company we also have an exciting online presence that is constantly updating and progressing. Whether it is making sure we can account for every item on every invoice or uploading photographs to the internet to sell something new, we have a job to appeal to you.